Partial Dentures

Titanium Partial Dentures

Titanium partial dentures may be preferable to Chrome partials as titanium alloys are more bio-compatable and lighter than Co-Cr. For patients with allergies or tissue reactions to other types of metals, titanium causes far fewer reactions and irritations.
Titanium partial dentures are more stable and fit better than acrylic partial dentures. They have higher dimensional stability compared to acrylic, meaning they will not change their shape as easily. They are also less porous than acrylic, leading to less accumulation of food, plaque, and calculus on the denture’s surface.


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Conventional Dentures

Standard denture treatment to restore lost dentition.

Cosmetic Dentures

Fully customised dentures with most natural aesthetics.

Flexible Dentures

Light weight, compact, metal free partial restorations.

Chrome Partials

Precise, strong, durable with optimum comfort

Acrylic Partials

Temporary restoration for missing teeth.

Titanium Partials

Medical grade titanium with great precision.

Implant Dentures

Maximum stability which allows proper chewing.

Denture Relines

Restore retention and improves fitting.

Denture Repairs

Cost effective way to fix broken dentures.

One Day Reline

Emergency same day reline to minimise waiting.

One Day Repair

Emergency same day repair to minimise waiting.

Denture Cleaning

Professional denture cleaning and polishing.

Night Guards

Protect teeth from injury from teeth grinding.

Mobile Service

Mobile clinic to rest homes and senior centres.

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